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A great heating system runs efficiently at a low cost to keep your home comfortable. Find out more about how Madden Heating and Air can find your perfect heater.

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Air Conditioning

The ideal air conditioner for your home or office will fit your space and your budget, and Madden Heating and Air can help you find the right one for your needs.

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Schedule Service

Schedule a Service

For heating and air repairs, or to install a new heating or air conditioning unit, contact us to schedule your service. Our promise is to show up on time, every time.

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Duct Cleaning

If you suffer from allergies or athsma, a regular duct cleaning can reduce allergens in your home or office and make the air you breathe cleaner. Contact us to schedule a duct cleaning.

Heating and Air Conditioning Service and Repair near Aroma Park, IL

Heating and Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Aroma Park, IL

Madden Heating and Air is a family-owned and operated company servicing Aroma Park, Illinois residents. We service all brands of heating and air conditioning units, and when a unit is beyond repair, we can help you replace it with a new, efficient model. We offer more than heating and air service and sales; we also offer duct-cleaning services, air conditioner service contracts, emergency service, maintenance, and financing.

We service and sell furnaces and other heating systems for your residential and commercial heating needs. If your furnace or heater needs to be cleaned, inspected, or repaired, we can do all necessary work. If your furnace or heater is old, inefficient, costs too much to run, or isn't heating as well as it should and you're ready for a new system, we can install a new furnace or heater suited to your home and your heating needs. Winter can put a large toll on heaters and furnaces, and it is a good idea to get your heating and air system checked up after the weather changes. If you need a spring cleaning of your heating and air conditioning system or a fall checkup to make sure your furnace or heater will run efficiently through the winter, contact us to make an appointment for your heating and air checkup.

We also offer duct cleaning for residences and commercial buildings. Dirty ducts can cause or exacerbate breathing issues such as allergies and asthma, and having your ducts cleaned regularly will keep your air conditioning or heating system working much more efficiently. We offer air duct cleaning and power duct cleaning, as well as vent cleaning for clients in Aroma Park, IL who require duct cleaning. No matter how old your ducts are, a good cleaning will help clean the air you breathe and make your heating and air system run better, and a thorough duct cleaning will make you feel better.

In addition to furnace and heater repair, we sell new furnaces, heat pumps, and electrical heating systems for your home or office. Newer furnaces and heaters are more efficient and will heat your Aroma Park, IL home for less money. A new furnace or heater installation in Aroma Park will help you save on your energy bills and keep you comfortable through all seasons. We sell high-quality furnaces, electrical heating systems, and air conditioning systems (refrigeration, ductless, and split-system air conditioning) made by brands such as Luxaire, American Standard, Trane, Rudd, and more.

Madden Heating and Air seeks to provide a full-service treatment for your home's heating and air system, and that includes UV lights in Aroma Park, IL. Why might you need a UV light purifier? While your home may have an air filter, a filter only catches large particles in the air like bacteria, viruses, mold, and other chemical contaminants that a UV light purifier can take care of. These UV lights are the same type of lights the sun gives off: the Sanuvox UV systems give off the exact same UV light wavelengths the sun does, destroying biochemical contaminants throughout the home and truly purifying the air. UV light systems destroy airborne contaminants like bacteria, viruses, mold, allergens, pet odors and pet dander, tobacco products, and many more. Some of the systems Madden Heating and Air sells include the Sanuvox Saber Genius 24/110V, the Sanuvox "R" series, the portable P900 GX air purifier system, and the S300FX-GX. These UV light systems in Aroma Park, Illinois can purify the air in your home, relieve allergy and asthma symptoms, and improve your indoor air quality. Get your UV light system from Madden Heating and Air near Aroma Park.

We also offer service contracts to our customers in the Aroma Park, IL area. Service contracts are a type of prescheduled maintenance, so with a service contract you don't have to worry about how your air conditioner or heating system is running. A service contract with Madden Heating and Air gets you prescheduled maintenance at convenient times for you, and during those times, a technician will clean and service your heater or air conditioner and note any parts that may be getting worn. This service contract allows us to address issues before they ruin your system and make sure your heating or air conditioning unit is working properly. As an added benefit, customers who purchase a maintenance or service contract get an extra 15% off all parts! We offer service contracts for furnaces, heaters, and air conditioning units. If you want peace of mind about your heating or air conditioning system in Aroma Park, a service contract is the solution.

about-usWhether you have a service contract with Madden Heating and Air or not, we will perform 24-hour emergency service on any heating or air conditioning unit in the Aroma Park area. We want to take care of our neighbors, so if you have a heating or air conditioning emergency in the middle of the night, you can contact Madden Heating and Air and know that a technician will always be there to help you with any emergency. No one plans on needing to use emergency service for heating or air needs, but if the worst happens and you need help, whether you have a service contract with us or not, we will be on our way to help. Our emergency service technicians can work on heating, air conditioning, furnaces, air ducts, and more, so if you require emergency service in Aroma Park at any time, contact Madden Heating and Air to take care of you.

We also take care of our customers by offering financing. We offer financing for heating and air conditioning sales and heating and air repairs and service, so whether you would like to use financing to get your unit running or if you want to finance a new heating or air conditioning unit, you can finance through Madden Heating and Air. Our financing has affordable rates so you never have to experience extreme weather without adequate heating or cooling. We want all our neighbors to experience cost-effective, energy-efficient heating and air systems, and it's possible with Madden Heating and Air's financing program. Don't let money make you miserable—contact us about financing to get your own financing plan set up.

The people at Madden Heating and Air are committed to taking care of our neighbors in Aroma Park, IL. With our 24-hour emergency service, service contracts, and financing plans, we have services to meet all of your heating and air needs. If you are looking to purchase a new furnace, electrical heating system, heat pump, ductless air conditioning unit, split-system air conditioner, or other type of heating or air system, we have a variety of brands and models to meet your heating and cost needs. And if you require financing for unexpected breakdowns or you just want to finance a heating or air purchase, we offer financing to our Aroma Park, IL customers. For any and all heating and air needs in Aroma Park, contact Madden Heating and Air.

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Brands we Service

We service every heating and air conditioning brand and sell quality heating and air brands for replacement or new construction. Our brands include:

amanaamercian standardarmstrong aircarrierdugibsongoodmanhaierkeepritelennoxluxairepaynerheemtempstartraneyork